My Life From Twenty

Two years in

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Wedding dresses…

So on Saturday, I went wedding dress shopping!!

We are booking the venue next Saturday and it feels so extremely real now! Very VERY Exciting! 💜

I want to post all my photos because it was so magical and amazing to put beautiful dresses on. BUT, I know that posting them wont leave the wow factor or the suprise on the day so I will have to stay strong and just look at them over and over myself.



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So this is a not so happy post.

So my health has been not so great this year, I’ve been battling some serious back pain and sciatica.

Ive wanted to talk about it now it has started to get better. It has taken 10+ months, serious painkillers, an epidural and physio to finally be slowly on the mend.

The epidural was a serious test to my needle phobia and not something I want to be re-doing! It actually made my pain much, much worse. I would be very causious for anyone who gets thia treatment recommended.

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So a quick update. I cut off all my hair 😄 Twice!

I am absolutely loving my short hair, it’s so nice and light!

Anyway, asides from the hair I’ve had a few updates since my last post! I will hopefully write a post for each as I’ve got ALOT of photo’s to share. Although I’m a busy girl obviously and although I’ve had a lot of time off recently it hasn’t been for fun unfortunately.

That’s all for another day and post.

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Feeling socialable…

Well, seeing as I have been out for 3 Saturdays in a row now I thought I’d reflect a little on this, as it is very unlike me to go out that much. More likely that I don’t get invited out much and a few birthdays and days off with friends just happened to coincide. I’m not complaining it has been a nice change for me to get out more and be a bit more social.

The hangover from Gary’s 30th was probably the most hungover I have ever been, so the past 2 nights out I didn’t go quiet so hard as quickly and the hangovers have been a breeze in comparison. Feeling like a REAL student all of a sudden. 😂

It was so lovely to see an old friend for the first time in a few years. Years do just seem to slip past the older and busier I get, feels like yesterday I was at 6th form with all my friends but in reality that was nearly 4 years ago now!

I am quite lucky though really as my friends are also a bit shit when it comes to meeting up and staying in contact. I’ve also found that most of the time when I do finally get around to seeing my friends it doesn’t matter if it’s been 4 years or 4 days since I saw them, it’s still like it always was. 

I’m still the goofy self I was before although lots has changed in my lifestyle, environment and looks I’m still the same friend I was too all my close friends as some things never change. 😊

I thought I’d just end on a photo of me being vein and girly, again quiet rare for me to put that much into my appearance at this point in my life. But it is nice to look back at all the styles and looks I go through in a year let alone over a longer period of time, so this is for you future Mel to remember this look at 22.

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Gary’s 30th!!

April 29th, my lovely Fiancé turned 30!! I don’t think I will write a long soppy post about my man and what a great night we had. The day will stick with me forever, so I just thought I’d share some of the photos which I took instead. Enjoy!

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2016 Recap

“So I realise I probably should’ve posted this in January. But, I’m deciding to post this now as from next week I am committed to posting regularly and at the correct times not 4 months later!! I’ve got some new updates ready and waiting, so watch this space…”

Some of my favourite snapshots from 2016:


Was overall a good year for me I think! There were definitely a few downs but all in all I can’t complain too much. The first thing that comes to mind is that we went on 2 holidays! Firstly in January to Tenerife and then again in December to Cape Verde. They were great holidays, with just me and Gary. We can both just get lost in our books for hours at a time whilst enjoying some well deserved sunshine. Although we have both agreed we aren’t keen on holidays in the beginning or the end of the year, so we will try and stick to our May or October holidays from now on.

The travel bug is real.

We have already booked this years holiday, we are changing it up and going on a large family holiday with 7 other people! Although for his family that is a small section, for us on used to our couples holidays it will be interesting! We are also planning and considering booking ANOTHER holiday for 2018, well in advance so lots of time for excitement and saving.

Another highlight of my year was being a part of Gary’s brothers wedding. It was a beautiful day and I obviously cried buckets it was so emotional especially when my niece and nephew shared their letters! And who doesn’t enjoy dressing up and getting very drunk and dancing like no one is watching??? The photo I added is my favourite purely because of Gary’s brothers pose behind us, looking fly!

I feel like I should finish the post here, as I don’t want to end on a sad note, but. In my recap photo, I have added a photo of my darling great nan. Unfortunately, she passed away on the 11th of December the night before we flew out to Cape Verde. We had a lovely, very Catholic funeral for her late December which she would’ve loved and it was in all a good day to remember  one of my favourite people.

Thank you for reading this far if you managed to suffer through my rambling! I’m aiming to be posting a lot more this year as now I know how to schedule posts this will make blogging life 1000x easier for me in my kind of busy life.

I’m hoping that 2017 brings more love and excitement my way. 

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Nephews everywhere!


Before I recap on 2016, I just wanted a quick cute alert post about the addition of our 2 newest nephews to the ever growing gang! This is Lucas on the left born in August 2016, he is No.8 and Oliver on the right born in December 2016, he is No.9!!

We are now standing at 3 Nieces and 6 Nephews. These little boys are to die for, they are full of smiles and adorable little things! They make me super broody every time I get to see them, until they cry or start being sick (Lucas) then that’s a bit of a turn off! Haha!

I can’t wait to see them grow up into sweet little boys like the rest of the gang, I will find an updated photo of all of us together if I can. Its such a large and growing family and very hard to photograph us all together.