My Life From Twenty

Two years in

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So this is a not so happy post.

So my health has been not so great this year, I’ve been battling some serious back pain and sciatica.

Ive wanted to talk about it now it has started to get better. It has taken 10+ months, serious painkillers, an epidural and physio to finally be slowly on the mend.

The epidural was a serious test to my needle phobia and not something I want to be re-doing! It actually made my pain much, much worse. I would be very causious for anyone who gets thia treatment recommended.


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So a quick update. I cut off all my hair πŸ˜„ Twice!

I am absolutely loving my short hair, it’s so nice and light!

Anyway, asides from the hair I’ve had a few updates since my last post! I will hopefully write a post for each as I’ve got ALOT of photo’s to share. Although I’m a busy girl obviously and although I’ve had a lot of time off recently it hasn’t been for fun unfortunately.

That’s all for another day and post.