My Life From Twenty

Two years in

About Me

About Me…

I am originally from the Midlands, I still visit there throughout the year as most of my family still live there. I’m currently living in the lovely Dorset countryside by the sea which is a refreshing change from city life and being miles from the coast. I am also studying in Southampton which occupies a lot of my time, again a lovely city along the south-coast. I do not think I will ever be persuaded to move anywhere else now.

This blog is mainly a creative outlet which I started in 2015 and have been posting on and off for the past 2 years with the flow of life’s ups and downs. I am excited to document my life and memories to look back on in years to come. It brings a new side to my creativity which I love to evolve and express in different ways. Since starting university I have branched out again into trying to keep up with the artistic/creative side to my personality which I love when it’s not being marked and examined!

I am a total book worm and I am considering writing about some of my favourites, just for my own personal use and as a reminder about my other passion. I have already realised that I have forgotten some details and good books which have stood out to me after recommending a series to a friend and not being able to recall the events that happen in the first few books as I am over 20 books in, I’m addicted.


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