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Nephews everywhere!


Before I recap on 2016, I just wanted a quick cute alert post about the additionΒ of ourΒ 2 newest nephews to the ever growing gang! This is Lucas on the left born in August 2016, he is No.8 and Oliver on the right born in December 2016, he is No.9!!

We are now standing at 3 Nieces and 6 Nephews. These little boys are to die for, they are full of smiles and adorable little things! They make me super broody every timeΒ I get to see them, until they cry or start being sick (Lucas) then that’s a bit of a turn off! Haha!

I can’t wait to see them grow up into sweet little boys like the rest of the gang, I will find an updated photo of all of us together if I can. Its such a large and growing family and very hard to photograph us all together.